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25.09.2017 Google improves the notification system in Chrome
Research team studied the reasons that cause errors in HTTPS warnings from Google Chrome

25.09.2017 Singapore is in the first place by the number of initiated cyberattacks
The city-state is ahead of the USA, Russia and China

22.09.2017 NSA algorithms were rejected
ISO refused to accept the NSA algorithms as international standards

22.09.2017 Locky disguised as Herbalife
New outburst of the Locky ransomware has been recorded

22.09.2017 EU proposes to implement a uniform cybersecurity certification for digital products
European commission is willing to expand the authority of ENISA

21.09.2017 Hack of CCleaner could have been a part of an attack on the leading tech companies
Chinese hackers might be behind the backdoor creation in the popular program

21.09.2017 Equifax continues to expose its clients to the threat
The company managed to mix up the address of the website that it created to help the clients who fell victims to the data breach

20.09.2017 Avril Lavigne is the most dangerous celebrity
McAfee named the celebs, whose names have been used most often to trick users

19.09.2017 CCleaner infected over two million devices
The popular hard drive maintenance app was used to spread a dangerous backdoor

19.09.2017 The pirate nature takes over
The Pirate Bay torrent site used visitors’ CPU for cryptocurrency mining

18.09.2017 OurMine unleashed
The famous hacker group OurMine has suddenly changed its tactic

18.09.2017 Chrome against FTP protocol
Google adds more services to the insecure resources list

15.09.2017 Data of all Alaska voters has been discovered openly accessible online
Data of over half a million people including confidential information were stored with no protection at all

15.09.2017 Yet another malware broke through the Google Play Store protection
Malicious apps secretly signed users up for paid SMS services

14.09.2017 One million dollars promised for a Tor vulnerability
Zerodium ups the stakes

14.09.2017 The USA has took up arms against Kaspersky Lab
All government institutions are ordered to remove software produced by the Russian company

13.09.2017 Bluetooth vulnerabilities: billions of devices under threat
BlueBorne attacks threaten 5.3 billion devices

13.09.2017 Footballers are warned about hacker threat
The English Football Association is concerned about cyber security at the World Cup

12.09.2017 Equifax is at odds with cyber security again
The website created by the company for potentially affected customers turned out to be vulnerable

12.09.2017 Do not threaten the Director of the FBI
Hacker, who is guilty of organizing spam attacks on the heads of American special services, has been sentences to 5 years in prison